Ambitious and creative space ethicist holding a MA Phil in Development, Environment and Cultural Change and a BA in Fine Arts. MA project on Space Ethics has generated broad and interdisciplinary expertise in long-term sustainability of terrestrial life on Earth and beyond, with a special focus on human morality. An inherent tendency and preference for macroscale thinking has manifested a deep concern about the future of Earth's life through researching the interrelations of value-systems and existential risks. Distinct ability to process and contextualize complex multidisciplinary data into the bigger picture. Motivated and excited by the challenges of operating in a largely uncharted territory, which has provided substantial experience in working independently, proactively and ad hoc. Looking to develop and apply my expertise at the intersection of environmental philosophy, sustainable development, space and future studies and international cooperation, in a meaningful and proactive way. Passionate about public and scientific outreach, and obtaining actual change, concerning the socio-environmental crisis.



  • MA Phil in Development, Environment and Cultural Change

    Centre for Development and the Environment, The University of Oslo, Norway.

    Thesis: Environmental Ethics in Outer Space - A macrostrategic space journey through cosmism, posthumanism and moral enhancement.

    Supervisor: Dr. Nina Witoszek

    Examiners: Dr. Anthony Milligan and Dr. Martin Lee Müller

    Grade: A


  • Additional subjects in Social Anthropology, Social Geography, Environmental Literature, Art History

    Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Oslo, Norway.


  • BA of Fine Arts

    Department of Fine Arts, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague, The Netherlands.

    Specialization in Autonomous Art.

    Thesis: Nature - The In-Between: A one year expedition through art’s relation to and reality of nature.


  • 2 year program of Fine Arts

    Einar Granum School of Fine Arts, Oslo, Norway.

    Specialization in abstract painting and conceptual art.


  • 1 year program in Music

    Gateway College, Nord University, Havana, Cuba.

    Music Performance, Cuban Music.


  • Upper Secondary Education

    Specialization in Music.

    Foss Upper Secondary School, Department of Music.

employment history


  • Researcher at the research group Culture, Ethics and Sustainability, Centre for Development and the Environment

    The Arne Næss Programme on Global Justice and the Environment.

    Main tasks: Interdisciplinary academic research and analysis, written communication, elite interviews, discussion groups, long-term collaborative work, public oral communication, and organization of the Arne Næss Symposia 2018.

    Main research project: Homo Futurus. Presented at the Arne Næss Symposia 2018, 24-25th October. Produced by LINK, University of Oslo, broadcasted at NRK2, channel of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.


  • Expedition Guide, Ambassador and Blogger at FjellTid, Norway

    Voluntary work as outdoors tour guide, writer, blogger, photographer and overall ambassador for FjellTid.

    FjellTid is a national social network, online platform and community working to bring people interested in hiking and outdoors life together, and to provide memorable experiences in the Norwegian nature.



  • Artistic Practice, The Hague/Oslo

    A central element in my practice as an artist was the organization of group hikes in the Norwegian nature, as a manner of providing unique experiences to people from various countries and backgrounds unfamiliar with the physical and psychological effects of being in wild nature. These expeditions further served as data collection for my artistic works.

    For my practice I developed my own website (previous version) where I also blogged.


  • Assistant Shop Manager at Ludo Grorud Zoo, Oslo

    Long held part-time job alongside studies. Been functioning as second to CEO since shortly after appointment, and responsible when CEO is away. Been trusted with responsibilities and tasks related to the everyday management of the business, and with the training of new employees, in addition to having developed substantial experience in customer service and support.


  • Various part-time positions as receptionist, shop assistant, waitress and nursing assistant/care worker.


July 2018 - Sept 2018

  • Scientific Research Intern at GCRI, New York/Oslo

    Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, New York

    Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, Seattle

    Main Supervisor: Dr. Seth D. Baum, GCRI.

    Main tasks: Extensive literature review, academic writing, and professional networking.

    Result: Review paper on space ethics (forthcoming), preliminary title: The Ethics of Space Exploration: A Review.

    Andrea Owe, Seth D. Baum, Milan M. Ćirković, Anders Sandberg, Tony Milligan, Jim Schwartz.

Experience and honorary positions


  • Space Ethicist at Space Governance Lab

    Interplanetary Initiative, Arizona State University, Phoenix.

    The Space Governance Lab works to provide foundational research and investigation to

    determine the market needs and market appetite for an interdisciplinary legal space advisory

    clinic and lab that supports new and emerging uses of space, and provides conflict and dispute

    resolution amongst other space advisory services.

    Project lead: Dr. Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty.


  • Board Member, The Arne Næss Advisory Council

    Centre for Development and the Environment, Oslo.

    The Arne Næss Advisory Council is a think tank to plan, organize and evaluate Arne Næss Council

    activities and annual symposia. The council is part of the Arne Næss Programme on Global Justice and the Environment.

    Programme Director: Dr. Nina Witoszek.


  • Arne Næss Research Grant

    The Arne Næss Programme on Global Justice and the Environment.

    Centre for Development and the Environment, Oslo.


  • Short-listed for best BA Thesis

    Title: Nature - The In-Between: A one year expedition through art’s relation to and reality of nature.

    The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague.


  • Student Council President

    Einar Granum School of Fine Arts, Oslo.


  • Interdisciplinary Research

  • Written and Oral Communication

  • Macrostrategy

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Working in International Environments

  • Independent Research

  • High Motivation

  • Organization and Leadership